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IJB01   10 Turn Bone and Glass Bead Bracelet
SPCCRDS-S   African Cascade 3 Card Set
AP-AJG1   Akanhare Jacaranda Gold - Uganda
DB-atn   Anapurna Tibetan Necklace - Nepal
SJBB01L   Beaded Zulu Bangle Bracelet - Large
SJBB01S   Beaded Zulu Bangle Bracelet - Small
AC-490-ber   Berry Agate Statement Ring - India
ES-BON   Black Onyx Necklace - El Salvador
HE-VGS-112   Blue Batik Pom Infinity Scarf - India
ES-BBTB   Blue Bird Treasure Box - El Salvador
HE-IIB-102   Bohemian Striped Clutch Purse - India
HE-IIB-104   Bohemian Striped Traveler Bag - India
IPLW01-A-   Brahmaputra Recycled Wallet - Assorted
T-BTC   Brights Taper Candles - pair
GM30302040   Calico Cityscape Shoulder Bag, Mustard - Ghana
ES-CN   Carnelian Necklace - El Salvador
AC-532-gnm   Chic Metal Wire Cuff Bracelet - India
CJCETDP   Chilean Copper Teardrop Earrings - Chile
GC-COHE   Circle of Hope Earrings - Kenya
HE-UNB-505-3   Coral Print Sari Bag - India
GM-55201000   Dandy Lion Shea Soap - Ghana
HBB-101   Date Leaf Nesting Baskets, Set of 3 - India
ES-DDLPDB   Dia de Los Palmas Decorative Box - El Salvador
HMDDTREE   Double Tree of Life, Recycled Oil Drum Wall Art 24 inches - Haiti
ES-EFPS   Embroidered Flower Pillow Sham - El Salvador
EL-EMPS   Embroidered Motmot Pillow Sham - El Salvador
EOE-3   Emerald Ocean Earrings - United States
LiKJW005C   Festive Tin Can Pin
450om   Floral Embroidered Pouch - Guatemala
HE-UNB-505-6   Flower Print Sari Bag - India
ESS-E   Fringed Satchel, Earth - El Salvador
ELS-P   Fringed Satchel, Purple - El Salvador
ES-FSB   Fuchsia Sunflower Box - El Salvador
T-FTC   Fuzion Taper Candles - pair
GES-BEJS   Getsemaní Brown Earth Jewelry Set - El Salvador
EL-GEE   Getsemaní Earth Earrings - El Salvador
EL-GJN-B   Getsemaní Joy, Necklace, Bracelet Set - El Salvador
GMSES-NB   Getsemaní Maya Sky Necklace, Bracelet Set - El Salvador
ES-GPN   Getsemaní Passion Necklace - El Salvador
ES-GSN   Getsemaní Semilla Necklace - El Salvador
GES-GTS   Getsemaní Turquoise Jewelry Set - El Salvador
GM-40010300   Gold Kayayo Necklace - Ghana
GC-GNFE   Gold Nahua Flower Earrings - Mexico
AP-GWAN-15   Golden Wheat Akanhare Necklace, 15" - Uganda
KWFR06BI   Hand Carved Olive Wood Bowl with Bone Inlay - 6 inches
SNOB07   Hand Woven Zulu Bowl
T-HCTC   Hartari Crafted Taper Candles - pair
GGHODC   Heart Oil Drum Cuff - Haiti
DB-HBCS   Himalayan Baby Chamomille Soap, 25 gm - Nepal
DB-HLGTS   Himalayan Lemongrass Green Tea Soap, 3.5 oz - Nepal
DB-HMSS   Himalayan Morning Sun Soap unscented, 3.5 oz - Nepal
DB-MOBS   Himalayan Orange Blossom and Geranium Soap, 100gm - Nepal
IRCN-301   Holi Hand Woven Striped Napkins - 4 per set
HE-SAB-102-3   Hot Pink Beaded Sling Purse - India
HE-SFB-201   Indian Patchwork Bag - India
VGCN-109   Jasmine Vine Napkins - Set of 4
UNPC-513   Jogi Long Pillow
HE-WAL-111   Jogi Passport Wallet - India
KWXSS1   Kiondo Wool Tote Bag
ES-CLSLPN   La Palma Necklace - El Salvador
ES-LPPB   La Palma Pencil Box - El Salvador
ES-LPTB   La Palma Treasure Box - El Salvador
TBT-H12CBN-F   Lacquered Newspaper Coasters with Holder (6) - Fuscia
TBT-H12CBN-T   Lacquered Newspaper Coasters with Holder (6) - Teal
TBT-S   Lacquered Newspaper Mats - Set of 3
TBT-H08SBL-O   Lacquered Square Newspaper Bowl - Large
R004   Lambskin Gourd Drum - 6 inch double sided with Drum Stick
J0016   Large Wingo Shaker
KNL001   Leather Animal Bookmark
ES-CBC   Loomed Coverlet - Black/Color - El Salvador
EL-CGC   Loomed Coverlet - Green/Color - El Salvador
ESLTR-A   Loomed Table Runner, Autumn - El Salvador
ESLTR-B   Loomed Table Runner, Brights - El Salvador
ESLTR-E   Loomed Table Runner, Earth - El Salvador
T-MWCH-10   Mango Wood Candle Holder - 10" (single)
T-MWCH-6   Mango Wood Candle Holder - 6" (single)
T-MWCH-8   Mango Wood Candle Holder - 8" (single)
J0101   Maracash Mini Shaker
SPNMINI--G   Mini Giraffe Notebook
GC-MEE   Mosaic Earth Earrings - Mexico
J0257   Mother Owl Shaker and Drum
KPXSS1   Multi-colored Kiondo Recycled PlasticTote Bag
TBT-MSC   Multi-colored Stuffed Crocodile
TBT-OT   Multi-colored Stuffed Octopus
ATB-NSBBLC   Natural Shea Body Butter Lavendar Coriander 6 oz., United States
HE-UNB-505-2   Natural Tone Print Sari Bag - India
ATB-YSE   North African Yellow Swallowtail Earrings - United States
HMDBRN_WVC   Oil Drum Cuff Bracelet - Haiti
GM30102030   Olive Fisheye Pouch - Ghana
GM-30101000   Olive Fisheye Toiletry Case - Ghana
KWFR10BI   Olive Wood Bowl with Traditional Bone Inlay - 10 inches
KWFR08BI   Olive Wood Bowl with Traditional Bone Inlay - 8 inches
KWF025   Olive Wood Fork with Batik Handle - 7"
KWF009I   Olive Wood Serving Set with Inlaid Batik Handles - 8 inches in length
AC-490-org   Orange Agate Statement Ring - India
AP-OABN   Orange Akanhare Bead Necklace - Uganda
HE-UNB-505-4   Orange Print Sari Bag - India
OSF-3   Orange Spotted Fritillary Earings
YJE02   Peaceful Labradorite Earrings
GM-30104000   Plum Rose Cosmetic/Toiletry Case - Ghana
ES-PB   Pride Box - El Salvador
HE-SAB-102-1   Purple Beaded Sling Purse - India
GM40140010   Rainbow Beaded Strand Bracelet - Ghana
GM40240010   Rainbow Strand Earrings - Ghana
KWF006   Reclaimed Olive Wood Salt Pot - Kahero Farm, Kenya
IPLQUN-P   Recycled Queenie Messenger Bag - Patchwork
KMT008   Recycled Tin Fish Mobile
IPLBRE   Recycled Tire and Plastic Breeda Wave Bag
GG-IJRTB2   Recycled Tire Tube Bracelet with Flowers - India
HE-VGS-114   Red Batik Pom Infinity Scarf - India
HE-UNB-505   Red Print Sari Bag - India
CRSB-7   Rhythm of the Earth Copper Bell, 4" - India
CRSB-8   Rhythm of the Earth Copper Bell, 5" - India
CRSB-10   Rhythm of the Earth Copper Bell, 6" - India
TBT-H04RBL-R   Round Lacquered Newspaper Bowl - Extra Large
DB-rttce   Round Tibetan Turquoise Coral Earrings - Nepal
HMDTREESMR   Round Tree of Life Metal Oil Drum Wall Art, 8 inches - Haiti
HE-SAB-102-2   Rust Beaded Sling Purse - India
405GB   San Juan Gypsy Bag - Guatemala
MHS101   Scents of India Herb Soap - Single Soap
ES-SN   Serpentine Necklace - El Salvador
AUM-spb   Silver AUM Pendant Necklace, Black - Nepal
AUM-pst   Silver AUM Pendant Necklace, Tan - Nepal
MJBZ15   Silver Hammered Square Cuff Bracelet
Om-spblk   Silver OM Pendant - black leather
OM-spbrn   Silver OM Pendant - brown leather
GGSZBB   Slip-on Zulu Bangle Bracelet - small, Kenya
ATB-SFMPE   South African Mother of Pearl Earrings - United States
TBT-S25HAS   Sri Lankan Handloom Photo Album (small)
TBT-SLHS-PA   Sri Lankan Handloom Sketchbook/Photo Album
TBT-S39HBM   Sri Lankan Handloomed Notebook
TBT-S11NCN   Sri Lankan Handloomed Notepaper Cube
ES-SDDB   Sunny Day Decorative Box - El Salvador
AC-490   Teal Agate Statement Ring - India
GM-40010310   Teal Kayayo Bead Necklace - Ghana
MJSR08   Tecalpulco Tiger Eye Silver Ring
MJSR01   Tecalpulco Turquoise and Silver Ring
DB-TCS   Tibetan Cedar Wood Soap, 3.5 oz - Nepal
DB-CSEMR   Tibetan Cedarwood Sacred Earth Mud Rub, 4.4 oz - Nepal
DB-TJSEMR   Tibetan Juniper Sacred Earth Mud Rub, 4.4oz - Nepal
DB-TSSEMR   Tibetan Spikenard Sacred Earth Mud Rub, 4.4 oz - Nepal
DB-ttde   Tibetan Turquoise Coral Disk Earrings - Nepal
GM30001010   Trashy Bag Pouch - Ghana
GM30003000   Trashy Ditty Bag - Ghana
HMDTREESM2   Tree of Life Oil Drum, Wall Art, 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches - Haiti
GM55200010   Trunk Scrub Lavender Shea Soap - Ghana
GM55200030   Trunk Scrub Shea Soap, Ginger & Orange - Ghana
GM55200040   Trunk Scrub Shea Soap, Tea Tree - Ghana
KWF009ST   Twisted Olive Wood Serving Set - 8 inches in length
KWF009T   Twisted Wood Salad Utensils with Traditional Bone Inlay - 11 inches in length
AP-MCUFN   Ugandan Friendship Necklace, 33" - Uganda
450UP   Velvet Embroidered Floral Pouch - Guatemala
DB-WHNSS   Wild Himalayan Nettle Spearmint Soap, 3.5 oz - Nepal
SPCRDK1   Wildlife Greeting Card Kit
ES-CLSWBNH   Wooden Bird Napkin Holder - El Salvador
HE-UNB-505-5   Yellow Print Sari Bag - India
GM-30102090   Yellow Star Pouch - Ghana
SPSCB1   Zoo Animal Scrapbook Kit
SNFB08   Zulu Basket - Small

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